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"Jordan brilliant."

 Bob Abelman, The News-Herald

Yesterday's fish paper...

"But the outstanding performances for me were...Jordan Baker’s Constance, turning petty displeasures into grandly histrionic grievances."


John Simon, Bloomberg

"Baker, who piercingly envisions Constance as a wilting forever locked within her own tremulous talent, lead the very effective cast."

Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway

Kevin Kilner and Jordan Baker in Is Life Worth Living?

"Night Sky...still powerful, thanks to the inherent drama of its subject matter and Baker's affecting and technically superb performance. Watching her character desperately struggle to express the simplest of ideas, one is brutally reminded of our fragility -- and how we take the most basic human abilities for granted."

Frank Scheck, NY Post



"The performances are uniformly strong, especially with the outstanding Jordan Baker, who was last seen in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Three Tall Women 15 years ago. Even when the writing turns cliche, Anna seems real. And there are moments when Baker's mastery of technique in playing this severely-impaired woman leaves the audience at a loss for words."

Roma Torre, NY1

Jordan (center) with cast members (left) Lauren Ashley Carter, Maria Christina Oliveras, Jim Stanek, Tuck Milligan, Dan Domingues.

Video: Night Sky by Susan Yankowitz. Directed by Danielle Topol.

Jordan Baker with Lauren Ashley Carter

The acting in this production is top-notch, with Baker alone earning every inch of her standing ovation as the broken-down Toni, whose martyr complex is fed by the role she's taken in the family and her own narcissism—likely, too, a legacy of their father. In Baker's hands, Toni walks that tough line between utterly terrible and weirdly sympathetic.
Erin Keane WFPL News Louisville, KY
(Appropriate, Humana Festival 2013)

Larry Bull and Jordan Baker

in Appropriate by Brandon

Jacobs-Jenkins (Humana 2013)

Reese Madigan and Jordan Baker.

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